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NEW: "TURN IT ALL AROUND"  [2020 Anthem for Women to Vote]

Here's a great article about "Turn It All Around"!

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My mother told me that from the time I was a little girl---I think the first show I ever saw was the National Company in Chicago of "South Pacific"---I knew I wanted to work in the theater, at the tender age of six. And I began to train for it assiduously in Chicago, which was where I grew up. Ballet, tap, jazz, character, were after school. Music was all day Saturdays, piano, theory, and later singing.  Luckily I had parents that believed that if you wanted to do something, you went to the very best for that training.


My early dance training with the famed Edna L. McRae and music training at the Chicago Musical College left me well prepared, and I started performing professionally around age 10, as a toe dancing doll in 'Babes in Toyland' with Chicago's Park District Opera Company. But it was in the Finale, when the toys were allowed to join the chorus, that my true colors came out---I was the loudest toy onstage! Even the conductor, though kind and probably in shock, had to ask me if when I joined in, could I please do it a little more softly.

So, there you have it---I've been a theater and music junkie since forever, and here's my website to prove it. I hope you enjoy it.

Here's a great article about me!

Sheilah Rae and Michele Brourman perform "It's Never Perfect"

NYTB Musical Tribute to Edna Ferber


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